We're located in Istanbul, Turkey and we work with clients globally.

We are developing mobile applications for our customers!

iOS Application Development

Android Development

Web Development

Some awesome companies we've had the pleasure to work with


  • Brain Storming
  • Market Search
  • End User Research
  • Prioritization

UX & UI Design

  • Mockup Design
  • Test User Research
  • Simplification
  • Concept Design
  • Final Design


  • iOS Application Development
  • Apple Watch Application Development
  • Apple TV Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • MacOS Application Development
  • Testing


  • Backend Analysis
  • API Development
  • Test Environment Preparation
  • Push Notification integration


  • SLA
  • User Action Tracking
  • Bug Fixes
  • Improvements

Analytics & Monitoring

  • Crash Reporting
  • Event Base Monitoring
  • System Base Monitoring
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Analytic Tools

Application & Device Management

  • MDM
  • in-House App Store
  • iTunes Connect Management
  • Play Store Management
  • Testflight

iBeacon, RFID, iOT

  • Supply
  • Integration
  • Set-up

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Meet our in-house application analytics!

You can track all parts of your system with VersionBox!

Device Tracking
  • Online / Offline
  • Battery Status
  • Bluetooth Status
  • Location Service Status
  • Location Tracking
  • User Info
Application Tracking
  • Version List
  • Error List
  • Crash List
System Tracking
  • API Response Time Tracking
  • Slow Server Notifications
  • API Errors Response Details
Push Notifications
  • Broadcast push notificatons
  • Single device push notification
  • Group base push notifications
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Customer Works

Some of the projects we have build so far.

Dijital Garaj Mobile App VideoKlinik
VideoKlinik is a mobile application that connects medical experts with users.

Dijital Garaj Client VideoKlinik
App DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
VideoKlinik screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Medical Park
Medical Park
Medical Park Hospital Patient Portal

Dijital Garaj Client Medical Park
App DevicesApp DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
Medical Park screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Acıbadem Online
Acıbadem Online
Acıbadem Hospital Patient Portal

Dijital Garaj Client Acıbadem Online
App DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
Acıbadem Online screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Connect
Amerikan Hospital Patient Portal

Dijital Garaj Client Connect
App DevicesApp DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
Connect screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Koç Healthcare MD
Koç Healthcare MD
Amerikan Hospital Doctor Portal

Dijital Garaj Client Koç Healthcare MD
App DevicesApp Devices
Koç Healthcare MD screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App VersionBox
inHouse application store for enterprises.

Dijital Garaj Client VersionBox
App DevicesApp DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
VersionBox screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Sompo Mobilo
Sompo Mobilo
Mobile application for Sompo customers.

Dijital Garaj Client Sompo Mobilo
App DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
Sompo Mobilo screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App FTR & FTR Web Panel
FTR & FTR Web Panel
Physical therapy rehabilitation managing application.

Dijital Garaj Client FTR & FTR Web Panel
App Devices
FTR & FTR Web Panel screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App İşe Gel
İşe Gel
Ride sharing application for enterprise.

Dijital Garaj Client İşe Gel
App DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
İşe Gel screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Tringo
Digital Loyalty Application

Dijital Garaj Client Tringo
App DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
Tringo screenshot
Dijital Garaj Mobile App Comingo
Rent a Car

App DevicesApp DevicesApp Devices
Comingo screenshot

Our Products

VideoKlinik is a mobile application that connects medical experts with users.

Online Video Appointment

Make a visual conference with your doctor in your appointment date, without any need to moving to hospital!

File Sharing

Share reports, files or photos with your doctor about your complaint in the appointment.

Easy Workflow

You can always reschedule or cancel your appointments.

VideoKlinik ScreenShot

Manage APIs on the cloud, synchronize backend teams with clients, frontend or mobile developers.

Scheduled Tests

ApiSpotter runs your APIs according to your schedule settings, and scans the responses according to your success rules.

Export as Model

You can generate a model in the desired language

API Documentation

Use ApiSpotter as a documentation tool for your APIs.

ApiSpotter.com ScreenShot

inHouse App Store for enterprise applications.

App Analytics

Get any statistic from users, track events like application opening, page changing, user sign in and more. Retrieve and analyze your errors, slow response times.

App Store

Control your applications, upload your versions and distribute them with your receivers from different platforms, like iOS, Android, tvOS and more!

Custom Report

We help you create customized report pages, if you need any specific data to be analyzed and displayed.

VersionBox.io ScreenShot

SuKolay is an online system that allows users to order water from any brand they want.

Unlimited Stores and Brands

A huge network of companies that are ready to deliver to your address.

Free Orders

Earn money by inviting your friends or simply using the app, use it for your next order!

Easy Usage

Repeat your last order with only one tap.

SuKolay ScreenShot
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